What are Martingale Online Casino Bets?

Many players may have come across the term Martingale in forums and literature about online gambling and games of chance but have absolutely no idea what it means, and whether or not it’s of any use to them.

If you are one of the millions of players who love table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, you need to know about Martingale online casino bets, because they could prove very useful indeed.

This simple yet highly-regarded betting system uses even money bets, and is easy to get to grips with after only a little practise.

The system uses negative progression, which is based on the likelihood of players making many consecutive losses before a win, so players would need to ensure they have enough funds to keep placing bets in increasing amounts until a win is made.

A Word on the Games

While the Martingale online casino betting system is not optimal for playing slots, it works well with table games, card games, and some speciality games.

Among the available at top quality online and mobile casinos powered by industry-leading software developers are James Bond’s favourite game, Baccarat, the always popular Blackjack or 21, the dice game Craps, and the game that gave the gaming world its most iconic symbol, Roulette.

The exciting different versions of these games offer players an entertainment feast of dazzling graphics, incredible sound effects, and smooth, flowing playing action.

Players can use the Martingale online casino system when they play the Flash versions of these games in browser, or when they play them after downloading and installing the free casino software for desktop and laptop computers.

These recommended sites also have state of the art mobile platforms optimised for a range of smartphones and tablets such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and iPad.

A Closer Look at the Martingale System

The Martingale online casino betting system is a simple way to structure how bets are placed when playing table games and card games at top quality online casinos.

It works on the premise that players will experience many consecutive losses before making a win – and anyone who has played at a land-based or online casino can testify that this is usually the case!

With this system, a player doubles the amount of the bet after every loss. That is, if their first bet is two coins, and it loses, their next bet will be four coins. If that bet loses, their next bet will be eight coins, and so on.

If a player’s bet wins, they should keep their profits, and return to placing single unit bets on even money.

The thinking behind the Martingale online casino system is that, while a player will encounter many consecutive losses, a win will restore what was lost, and bring a profit.

Secure Services for Real Money Play

As the idea behind betting systems is to stand a better chance at winning when playing online table games and card games with real money, players need to be able to fund online casino accounts.

This is done easily, quickly, and securely at top quality online and mobile casinos.

These recommended sites offer banking services that are protected by cutting-edge data encryption technology. Among the banking methods accepted by these sites are direct deposits, credit and debit cards, electronic payment services or e-wallets, and prepaid vouchers.

It takes only a few clicks, taps, or swipes before players are able to place real money bets using the Martingale online casino betting system at these great sites.