Top Online Casino Poker Strategy

Poker has a fierce reputation as a game that provides the perfect opportunity for players to put luck and skill to the test, and in this game, much of the skill comes down to strategy.

Knowing when to Raise and when to Fold, as well as how to bet, can improve greatly a player’s chances of winning big.

Of course, a good poker strategy also takes into account the different versions and variations of the game found at top quality online casinos. Each game is slightly different to the next, in terms of gameplay, the number of cards used, and whether it is a single player or multiplayer game.

Different Online Poker Games

The best online casinos, powered by leading software developers such as Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Realtime Gaming, and PlayTech, offer a huge selection of poker games.

Players will be able to put their poker strategy to the test with games based on the major traditional variations of Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Eight or Better, in both Flash and download formats.

Caribbean Stud, played between a player and the dealer, requires the player to try build a five-card hand stronger than the dealer’s. The two decisions players need to make in this game are how much to bet per round, and whether to fold or to play the hand.

Casino Hold’em, also played between a player and a dealer, sees both receive two cards each. Both then use a Five Card Flop to build five-card hands, the strongest of which will win.

Another game that allows for exciting poker strategy is Pai Gow Poker. This game uses a 53-card deck containing 52 standard playing cards and one semi-wild Joker. Played between a player and a dealer, the goal is to build a two-card right hand and a five-card left hand strong enough to beat the dealer’s hands.

In a similar league when it comes to scope for creative strategies is Tequila Poker. This single-player game is the love-child of Poker and Blackjack, and the only cards that matter are the player’s.

Online Poker Strategy Hints and Tips

A good online poker strategy to adopt, regardless of which game a player chooses, is to check whether or not it has an Auto Hold feature. If the feature is offered, players should turn it on, as it automatically holds the strongest cards of those dealt to the player.

When playing Caribbean Stud, a good strategy is that, if a player’s hand contains at least a Jack, King, or Ace, it should be played. A hand should also be played if it contains a pair or better.

A similar strategy can be used when playing Casino Hold’em at these recommended sites on desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

The most popular Pai Gow poker strategy is to build the strongest two-card hand possible, without it surpassing the five-card left hand in rank. A feature players can use to do this is the Advice button, which, when selected, sets the player’s cards the House Way.

It is also important for players to not overplay their left hand.

Tequila Poker requires different poker strategy to most other games. This is because players have the option of two different games if they choose to continue playing after being dealt their first four cards.

If the cards contain a pair, four, flush, or straight, the player should continue with Tequila Poker. If the highest three of the four cards total 28 or more points, the player should continue with High Tequila.

By using poker strategy you can dramatically increase your chances of a winning hand and make the most out of every game played online.